Yukon Housing Corporation

Programs & Services

Board Responsibilities

The YHC Board of Directors is an agent of the Government of Yukon, and is accountable to the Minister, the Yukon Legislative Assembly and the public for its performance, governance and expenditure of public money.

Board members are obligated to act in the best interest of the Corporation to advance the public interest and the mandate of the Corporation. Some of the Board's responsibilities are summarized below:

  • Endorse and recommend to the Minister for approval the Corporation’s Strategic Plan and Annual Operating Plans.
  • Submit annually an approved budget proposal to the Minister for review and approval.
  • Ensure the Corporation meets its goals.
  • Identify targets on which to evaluate the President’s performance, and provide recommendations to the Minister and Premier as part of the annual performance review.
  • Ensure all communications respecting the Corporation’s plans, policies and programs are provided to the Minister and, as appropriate, to the public.
  • Provide an annual report that identifies the Corporation’s achievements and practices.
  • Establish and monitor bylaws, policies and procedures that define the Board’s operations.
  • Ensure a financial audit is undertaken.
  • Meet regularly to conduct Board business, committee meetings, planning sessions, consultations and meetings with clients and the public.
  • Provide the Minister with policy advice and program recommendations.

For more detailed information about Board responsibilities, please read the Protocol agreement on the Publications page.