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YHC Priority Housing Assessment Policies

Full versions of the social housing policies are available here.

Priority-Assessment Point Rating System

YHC shall assess applicant housing-priorities according to a point-rating system.
All eligible, approved applications shall be reviewed and point-scored according to YHC’s established methodology.

The point-rating system shall recognize the following targeted housing priorities, in descending order:

  • Victims of Violence/Abuse
  • Critical Medical Rural Relocation (seniors)
  • Homeless or Evicted Households
  • Mobility-Challenged Households
  • All Other Households

The priority-assessment system shall not guarantee that every applicant in one target priority group will be housed ahead of every other applicant in another target priority group.  However, the point-rating methodology shall assure that in the significant majority of cases, applicants will be housed according to their targeted housing priority.

Victims of Violence/Abuse

A Victim of Violence/Abuse applicant:
Must meet YHC’s standard Canadian-citizenship or equivalent requirements; and must submit independent verification that the member/household has been subject to violence/abuse from another individual.

Eligibility to this program is based on the tenet that the applicant desires a life free from the abuser. 

Seniors’ Rural Household Relocations for Medical Reasons

Households eligible for consideration under this policy include those with seniors who have severe, chronic or acute medical/health problems requiring prolonged or recurring treatment, care and/or support that is not available in their present residential location or community.

The senior applicant must provide verification completed by a health care professional.

Social Housing Eligibility, Residency Criteria

YHC shall apply a one-year Yukon residency requirement as primary eligibility criteria for social housing consideration. 

The residency criteria shall not apply to Victims of Violence/Abuse; or where there are suitable, vacant units available for occupancy and there are no other approved applicants on a community wait list for those units.

Age of Eligibility

Subject to standard eligibility criteria being met, YHC shall consider applications for housing from: a person who is 19 years of age or over, and a person under the age of 19 years, where the housing request is supported by the Department of Health and Social Services.

The minimum age of eligibility for seniors' social housing is 65 years, or 55 years for those with disability or mobility challenges.

Income Threshold

Except as noted below, CMHC Household Income Limits shall apply as primary eligibility criteria for all persons/households seeking Yukon social housing consideration.
Income limits shall not apply for the purposes of assessing applicant eligibility of Victims of Violence and seniors in need of relocation due to critical medical reasons.

Eligibility with Former Tenant Arrears

YHC shall permit the approval of applications from former tenants in arrears for either rent or unit damages providing the applicant meets all other standard eligibility requirements and signs an Agreement to Pay or makes a lump sum payment of arrears.

In the case of former co-tenancy situations, YHC may proportionately allocate the outstanding arrears between each of the former tenants where it is deemed reasonable to do so.  

Rental Rates

The rental rate for Yukon Housing’s Social Housing program is 25% of the gross household income.