Yukon Housing Corporation

Programs & Services

About YHC

Our Beginnings:

Yukon Housing Corporation (YHC) was created out of the Housing Corporation Act in 1972 due to concern for the quality and availability of affordable housing throughout Yukon.

What YHC Does:

  1. Social and staff housing
    YHC provides affordable social housing units to low income individuals and families throughout Yukon. YHC also administers the Government of Yukon’s rural staff housing program where YHC owns housing units which are rented to Yukon government employees in rural communities.
  2. Loan and Grant Programs
    YHC offers a variety of funding programs focused on addressing housing interests. Visit our loans page or our grants page for more information.
  3. Community and Industry Partnering
    YHC works with a variety of community and industry organizations to improve many aspects of housing in Yukon. Delivered through educational programs and joint venture projects with First Nations, municipal governments and NGOs such as Habitat for Humanity, Options for Independence, Yukon College and others, YHC seeks partnerships to advance housing in Yukon.
  4. Information resource for all aspects of housing in Yukon
    Yukon Housing Corporation has a wealth of housing information available to the public, homeowners, contractors, and landlords. From building a new home to making your existing home safer, more efficient and comfortable, YHC has professional tradespeople on staff to answer your housing questions.

Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Accessibility Advisory Committee is an advisory body that represents accessibility concerns on new projects managed by YHC. The Accessibility Advisory Committee is not run by YHC. The committee is made up of representatives from YHC, Health and Social Services, Challenge - Disability Resource Group and the Yukon Council on Aging.

YHC tenants who have concerns about accessibility in their units, or any other tenancy-related issues, should contact their Social Housing Coordinator.

Yukon Housing Corporation Board of Directors

The Yukon Housing Corporation’s Board of Directors is responsible for the stewardship of the Corporation as an agent of the Government of Yukon.

Visit the Board of Directors' page for more information.

Yukon Housing Corporation: Mission, Vision, and Values

OUR MISSION – What we do

We work to resolve existing and emerging housing challenges in Yukon by providing social, senior and staff housing, as well as other programs to assist Yukoners to build, purchase, upgrade and repair their homes. We support Yukoners most in need to find and maintain suitable and attainable accommodation, and we collaborate with all levels of government, non-profit organizations and other parties to find innovative housing solutions.

OUR VISION – Where we are going

Our vision is for a healthy, well-maintained and attainable housing environment in Yukon that offers a range of housing choices to meet the needs of all Yukoners.

OUR VALUES – What we believe and what we strive for


  • We make timely and well-informed decisions.
  • We are dedicated to meeting the legitimate program needs of our clients.
  • We integrate health, safety and wellness into our daily work lives.


  • We work in a manner that ensures accountability and builds trust.
  • We are fair, open and honest.


  • We are proactive in recognizing and supporting creative solutions.
  • We value innovation and continuous improvement.
  • We share and apply our knowledge for the benefit of all Yukoners.


  • We acknowledge the diversity of values, needs and interests of Yukon people.
  • We work together in an environment of mutual respect to achieve results and build relationships.
  • We communicate openly and honestly.
  • We support balance between our professional and personal lives.

OUR STRATEGIC GOALS – How we will get there

  1. Facilitate access to more attainable and sustainable home ownership in Yukon.
  2. Support initiatives to increase the availability and affordability of rental accommodation in Yukon.
  3. Develop strategic partnerships with Yukon government departments, other governments, non-government organizations and the private sector in pursuit of collaborative initiatives to enhance the full range of choices along the housing continuum in Yukon.
  4. Work to continually improve the Corporation’s organizational effectiveness and accountability framework to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of the Corporation’s established and newly created or enhanced programs.
  5. Ensure adequate human resources planning and capacity to support the strategic goals and operational plans of the Corporation.

Governance documents, annual reports, and numerous reports related to housing in Yukon are available on the YHC publications page.